Snapology-Real World Robotics

  22SP-349-FES-Session A
  1/28/2022 - 3/11/2022
  3:10 PM - 4:10 PM
  Freiheit Elementary:Startzville Elementary
  Samir Patel-031067

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In Snapology's Real World Robotics class, students interested in technology will create robotic models inspired by real life robotic technologies. Students will learn about gear ratio, sensors, simple machines, and programming as they build alarm devices, earthquake detectors, robotic arms, and much more. Your child will have a blast exploring the world of robotic technologies as they build, learn, and play.

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Snapology’s Robotics programs teach children the basics of computer programming and engineering through interactive LEGO® robotic model builds and challenges. Our Robotic enrichment series offers children ages 5-12 hands on experience developing computer skills, coding, problem solving skills, and teamwork capabilities.